MadeToOrder option  is open  during MTO/Live Event. The next Event dates will be announced on TRUE BEADZ social media.

MTO Aquarium DANGLE St Valentine's

This listing is for  St Valentine's AQUARIUM DANGLE.  Of course these have to have hearts. Can be red OR pink.

For all MadeToOrder Aquarium beads/dangles you are welcome to specify colour scheme in comment field. But please be aware that some certain murrini might be missing, so  we would suggest avoiding a super detailed description of the bead. If we don’t have the murrini needed to complete your order, we will contact you as soon as possible to repla??ce OR cancel/refund the order

Please mind that there are no replacements/refunds for this type of bead.  Please place an order ONLY if you agree to these conditions. 

exclusive to


Every TRUE BEADZ item is stamped 925 that means  that you always have best quality 925 silver jewelry handmade just for you. TRUE BEADZ will fit any your favourite european bracelet.

ID                   4.3mm

Please mind 1 inch is 25,4mm

I would like to ask you to buy MadeToOrder items ONLY if you are ok with possible delays. Production will take couple of weeks for sure and we don’t know what will happen will shipping/post offices worldwide. So please only add to cart a MadeToOrder item if you are aware and ok with the fact that you may not have the items in your hands in the next 3-4 weeks (production +delivery)
Also, to make sorting orders a bit easier for me I kindly ask you to include the MadeToOrder item in a separate order. It will also help you and us to keep track of what was made/sent/received

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